About OMA

One Who May Ascend (abbreviated OMA) was birthed by me; Omari Malik Amn, in 2014.

Leaning on essential principles instilled in me at a very early age namely perseverance, striving for excellence and self-awareness (coupled with the less pleasant personal experiences such as hopelessness, feeling lost and empty), in pursuit of my true potential and fully realized self, I turned to poetry to raise awareness in universal consciousness thus engaging in an eternal campaign against all varieties of ignorance.

This pursuit gave birth to the development and utilization of creativity expressed through intricate lyrical content and concepts that aid in unlocking the true inner self's potential and awareness of the global community's interconnectedness.

The aforementioned principles are made manifest through striving for integrity in service provision and community-oriented sustainability through working with peers and those around me to ensure that I myself adhere to the interconnectedness of our existence as a global community.

Should you wish to contact me directly or collaborate, feel free to reach out by clicking here!